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Current Cycle: October 9, 2014 - December 10, 2014

Testing Results

Results are posted the Monday morning after testing. Late Testing results are posted by 9:00pm that night.

No Change List

The following list shows the names of the students who did not pass testing and the segment of the test that he/she did not pass. [in alphabetical order by last name]


Regular Testing

Jack Briskin --- Sparring & Form

Roshan Chavar --- Sparring  

Cole Clark --- Combination

Jillian Clark-Williamson --- Form

Zachary Conley --- Sparring

Gael Gonzalez --- Form

Manny Jacobs --- Form & Pad Drills

Stephen Mugweru --- Sparring, Form & Pad Drills

Jack Pierce --- One Steps

Jacob Roe --- Combination

Audrey Wenter --- Form


Late Testing

 Luke Burdick --- Form

Jake Fleming --- Form

Zachary Fordham --- Form

Briggs Marett --- Form

Lauren Rauworth --- Form



P.T. Winners






TC 4yrs Jakob Mason: 18 Sharbel Harika: 24

Hunter Wydick: 6.86

TC 5yrs Grayson Mardis: 21 Brandon Ramos: 28 J'ohn Scott: 5.96
TC 6yrs Anna Sopia Le: 20 Anna Sophia Le & Kevin Gallegos: 23 Rowan Soniat: 6.18
5-6yrs Nolan Farmer: 39 Nolan Farmer: 60 Eddie Harlan: 32.06
7-9yrs Kord Allen: 58 Matthew Widra: 60 Matthew Widra: 23.76
10-11yrs Nathalie Gonce: 62 Nathalie Gonce: 59 Ryan Kuykendall: 23.27
12-15yrs Will Meadows: 55 Jacob Walker: 51 Cole Adams: 23.03

M: Jabari Morris: 53

F: Audrey Wenter: 57

M: Jabari Morris: 51

F: Audrey Wenter: 41


F: Audrey Wenter: 24.71


M: Stephen Mugweru: 42

F: Toya Long: 37

M: Stephen Mugweru: 51

F: Toya Long: 37

M: Tim Davis: 26.83

F: Toya Long: 28.73


M: Paul Trunec: 27 

F: Wanda Manning: 32

M: Paul Trunec: 30

F: Wanda Manning: 42

M: Paul Trunec: 29.56

F: Wanda Manning: 29.77


Green Belt Top Scores


Ages 15 & Under

(130 total possible points)

Ages 16 & Above

(155 total possible points)

109.5 Greyson Green 120 Cameron Long
108.5 Isabella Seymour 118 Jabari Morris
107.5 Kenlie Nelson   
107 HaeMarilyn Fuerte  
104.5 Kyle Kubas  
104.5 Ryan Kuykendall  
103.5 Xander Kubas  
103.5 Sam Lee  
103 Max Fu  
103 London Nelson  


Blue - Red Belt Top Scores

Age 15 & Under

(135 total possible points)

Age 16 & Above

(160 total possible points)

123 Matthew Widra *Double Promotion! 140.5 Kristin Smith
120.5 Caitlin Guice *Double Promotion! 137 Toya Long
120 Anthony Hall *Double Promotion! 133.5 Tara Thomas 
118.5 Jackson Schmidt  127.5 Wanda Manning
117.5 Daisy Sandoval 127 Tim Davis
116 Nathan Rigdon 123.5 Julie Davis
115.5 Kord Allen 121.5 Paul Trunec
114 Jonathan Mugweru    117.5 Binisha Nathan
114 Allison Sugg  





Double Promotions

The following list shows the names of the students who double promoted! [in alphabetical order by last name]

Matthew Widra - Score: 123, 47 sit-ups, 60 push-ups

Caitlin Guice - Score: 120.5, 47 sit-ups, 50 push-ups

Anthony Hall - Score: 120, 55 sit-ups, 43 push-ups 

Double promotion is only available for Green - Red Belts that maintain satisfactory to excellent conduct in class the whole cycle and fulfill the following requirements during testing: 

    • Ages 15 & Under:
      • Green Belts: Total score of 115-130 plus 35 sit-ups in one minute and 30 push-ups in one minute. 
      • Blue - Red Belts: Total score of 120-135 plus 35 sit-ups in one minute and 30 push-ups in one minute.
    • Ages 16 & Above:
      • Green Belts: Total score of 137-155 plus 40 sit-ups in one minute and 30 push-ups in one minute. 
      • Blue - Red Belts: Total score of 142-160 plus 40 sit-ups in one minute and 30 push-ups in one minute.




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Read what people are saying about our programs.


"I think the academy is well-organized and flexible, and the instructors are keeping a good balance between the discipline required by martial arts and the softness the tender age of 8 requires."

--Yiannis A.

"The year that we started at Tiger Rock, my son was struggling in many ways. He has been diagnosed with a mild case of benign essential tremors. This is a neurological disorder that causes mild tremors in his arms and hands. It helps in every area in which he needs help:  balance, coordination, and strength. I have to say that the biggest change I’ve seen in Owen is his confidence.  A big part of that is from Taekwondo. He BELIEVES he can do anything and he has developed a very good work ethic to be able to do what everyone else does."
--Michele M.
"My son and I started Taekwondo together when he was 8 years old.  We stayed with it and went on to earned our black belts together.  Now that he's a teenager, we still both agree it's one of the best things we could have done together.  It really gave us something to connect on.  Now we'll always cherish the accomplishment, the shared interest and the shared time."
Catherine S.
"This morning Hudson set the table for breakfast while I was cooking. He said, 'Mama, that's self-discipline.' Then he explained to his sister and baby sister the difference between discipline and self-discipline. When I told him that was pretty important, he replied, 'We learn more in karate than just moves, Mama.'"
Jennifer C.