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Belt Stripes Required for Testing: August 2018

Those highlighted are yellow stripes. Those not highlighted are black stripes. 

Tiger Cubs Stripes

  1. Belt Tying
  2. PATIENCE: Patience is waiting, listening, and understanding.
  3. Stances: Chung-be Stance, Front Stance
  4. Strike & Kick: Knifehand Strike, Outside Crescent Kick
  5. Block: Low Block, Twin Low Block
  6. Safety Skill: Backwards Fall / Stand in Base, "Stop! Don't Touch Me Stranger!" / Wrist Release (one-handed & two-handed grab)
  7. Physical Challenge: Sit ups
    1. The Abs of Steel award will go to the cub who does the most sit ups in 30 seconds at testing.

Life Lessons:

  • White / Yellow Belts: "Like most things in life we must first CHOOSE the path that we are willing to take, and COMMIT to see the journey through until the end."
  • Green - Blue Belts: "We can accomplish growth by maintaining our FOCUS on the right people and information.”
  • Brown - Red Belts:“We must avoid bias as we OBSERVE our environment.”
  • Black Belts: "While our journey is long and has many obstacles, our training provides us with opportunities, abilities, and responsibilities, to TRANSFORM the world around us. It is what we do with this training through action that will ultimately determine just how our RISE can be."

Board Breaking Requirements 

Board Color Chart


Board Color







12-13 Males

12-14 & 46+ Females


14-15 & 46+ Males 
(up to 2DL4 Black Belt)

15-45 Females


16-45 Males
(up to 2DL4 Black Belt)

46+ Males (3rd Degree Black Belt & Above


16-45 Males (3rd Degree Black Belt & Above


White & Yellow Belt Stripes

  1. R15E Stripe: Life lesson & Belt Tying
  2. Stances & Listening Positions
  3. Strikes & Blocks
  4. Kicks
  5. Form
  6. One Steps:
    1. Right Front Kick (land in right back stance), Right Outside Block, Right Knife hand strike (head level), shift to right front stance, #2 Left Punch (head level)  - Get Away!

    2. Step to left sitting stance, Left Outside Block, Right Punch (ribs), Left Punch (ribs), Right Outside Crescent Kick, Left Round Kick - Get Away!

    3. (YOUTH/ADULTS ONLY) Step with right foot to back stance, #3 Left Side Kick, Left Outer Forearm Block, #2 Right Punch (left front stance), Step back with left foot, #1 Right Round Kick—Get Away!


Green Belt Stripes

  1. R15E Stripe: Life lesson & Belt Tying
  2. Form
  3. Sparring Combination: #1 Round Kick, #1 Jab, #2 Punch, #2 Round Kick
  4. Pad Drills
    1. #1 Round Kick
    2. #1 Jab, #2 Punch
    3. #2 Round Kick

Blue Belt Stripes

  • R15E Stripe: Life lesson & Belt Tying
  • Form
  • Sparring Combination: #1 Round Kick, #1 Jab, #2 Punch, #2 Round Kick
  • Pad Drills
    1. #1 Round Kick
    2. #1 Jab, #2 Punch
    3. #2 Round Kick
  • Board Breaking 
    1. #3 Side Kick
    2. Downward Palm Heel
    3. Downward Elbow

Brown - Red Belt Stripes

  1. R15E Stripe: Life lesson & Belt Tying
  2. Form
  3. Sparring Combination: #1 Double Side Kick, Spin Heel Kick
  4. Pad Drills:
    1. #1 Double Side Kick
    2. Spin Heel Kick
    3. #3 Jump Front Kick
  5. Board Breaking :
    1. #3 Side Kick
    2. Downward Palm Heel
    3. #2 Front Kick
    4. Downward Elbow
    5. One Attempt. You must break 2 out of 4 to pass.

Black Belt Stripes

The next Black Belt exam is in October 2018. You must have 16 classes (in the 2mo. cycle before testing) to be eligible to test. The class count and belt stripes will start August 13th.  

World Championships July 19-21

As part of the Black Belt No Limits experience, you have the opportunity to rank up at the tournament check out the details below.

Rank Up at a Tournament:

Win the following combination of medals in Form and Sparring (no other competition medals count):

  • District: one gold medal and another medal
  • Nationals: any two medals
  • Worlds: any one medal

If you do earn a Rank Up Card at the tournament, turn it into your academy manager to receive your next belt at the end-of-cycle Black Belt Seminar!

Black Belt Seminar August 13


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